The story of our Coffee shops

From an abandoned storage space to a convivial meeting place in the heart of Geneva, our first café opened April 2009.

Now in four locations across the city of Geneva and 2 in Zürich, customers can expect an amazing experience from bean to cup. Boreal Coffee is committed to sourcing the finest quality coffee beans from farmers around the world, directly traded where possible, and roasted with love each week in our artisanal roastery in Acacias, then delivered to our cafes.

Boréal Coffee Shop rue du Stand and Eaux-Vives expose photos of Léonard Fisch.


From bean to cup at Boreal’s Roastery

We opened an artisanal roastery in Carouge where our small team of dedicated roasters works to match the profiles of the green coffee beans we import with a roast that brings out the best characteristics of the crop in your cup.

And, knowing that we work directly with the farmers themselves wherever possible to ensure better livelihoods while caring for the environment, your beverage is one to feel good about.

Like what you see? Curious to taste our lovingly roasted beans?

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