Mamma Mia's BIO

Weight: 350g
14.50 CHF incl. VAT

Mamma Mia's BIO

Mamma Mia is our well-known Italian espresso blend specially developed for our customers who love that full body taste and heavy crema. This coffee is easily enjoyable, it works great with automatic coffee machines and Italian coffeepot.

Three origins composes this blend, the Colombian Organic coming from the Fondo Paez cooperative, the Peruvian Organic coming from the Cenfrocafé cooperative and a Robusta Organic coming from India.

It's made of 80% arabica BIO and 20% robusta BIO (yes robusta, you read that right!).
This coffee is roasted up to the second crack and it's for sure the coffee that we roast the darkest.

This coffee is organic certified by bio-inspecta.

Aromatic profile : chocolate notes, vanilla and unctuous taste.

Roast Level : Dark Espresso

Roasts & ships on Tuesday from our Geneva roastery

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