Shwe Ywar Ngan, Myanmar

Weight: 350g
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Shwe Ywar Ngan, Myanmar


Myanmar ?

Yep they got gemstones but also coffee.

A new generation of farmers are willing to take coffee to the next level, some of them backed by the government.
We're at the dawn of specialty coffee in Myanmar but this is promising.
Cherries are grown at 1500m in southern Shan state and they are washed at Shwe Ywar Ngan cooperative.

At the first sip you will remark some grapefruit notes, a hint of caramel and a vegetal nose. Interesting! A sweet and mild cup with a slick body.
Oh yeah, what a good coffee to start your day!

Aromatic profile: Grapefruit, caramel, vegetal.

Altitude: 1500 meters

Region: Southern Shan state

Variety: Arabica // Catuaí

Treatment: Washed

Roast Level : Light roast for filter

Roasts & ships on Tuesday from our Geneva roastery

Our dear coffee loving customer, perhaps you would be

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