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Boréal Coffee expose photos of Léonard Fisch
Léonard Fisch

Boréal Coffee expose photos of Léonard Fisch

BLUE NORTH (photos of North ALASKA U.S.A)
Hanging around at the North Pole is possible.
It's 5am, the workers are already gone.
I head away from the Basecamp to shoot next to the Beaufort Sea...

From Moscow to Vladivostok in the third class of the Transsiberian, drinking vodka from Kazakhstan instead of aspirin. Far away from the "clichés" and the so-called traditional customs described by the guidebooks...

Léonard Fisch is a freelance illustrator, photographer and graphic designer. Places off the beaten track and unlikely destinations fill his travel diaries. Whether it is on a mission for NGOs or during his own travels, he offers a glimpse of his experience through drawing and photography.

The pictures are for sale. If you are interested, please ask to the baristas or contact the artist directly:

Email : and
Facebook : Léonard Fisch
Phone : +41 (0)78 681 24 98

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