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Decaf BIO, Honduras

Weight: 350g
16.50 CHF incl. VAT

Decaf BIO, Honduras

Our first Direct Trade, Organic Decaf !! Coming from the Aprolma cooperative, located in the Marcala region, Honduras.

This coffee is decaffeinated by a specialty method called the CO2 decaf. Basically, they put the green coffee in a recirculating sparkling water circuit and it removes 99% of the caffeine. The advantage of this process is that it preserves much more aromas of the coffee.

This coffee is organic certified by bio-inspecta.

Aromatic profile : Honey, hazelnut, chocolate.

Altitude: 1200-1700 meters

Region: Marcala

Variety: Arabica // Catuai, Bourbon, Typica

Treatment: Washed

Roast Level : Medium Espresso

Roasts & ships from our Geneva roastery on Tuesdays

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