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Weight: 350g
21.50 CHF incl. VAT



Summer of 2022 Limited Edition: NYARUZINA
Nyaruzina is an exciting fully washed coffee with fruity flavours of peach, sultana and black tea.

It is grown at over 1500m altitude near Lake Kivu in the Nyamasheke district in Western Rwanda. The equatorial mist of Lake Kivu offers perfect humidity, and the rich volcanic soil emanating from the Virunga volcanoes create unique and near perfect growing conditions for this Red Bourbon Arabica coffee bean variety.
Nyaruzina is part of the Kivulbelt Coffee estate which has been created by Ms Furah Umwizeye Teuscher. This estate not only distinguishes itself by its superstrict cultivation standards, but also by being a socially responsible employer – something very important to Boreal, when we select coffee growing partners.

This roast will make a great filter coffee and lets us all dream of a summer in the sun.

Altitude: 1500 meters

Region: Nyamagabe District

Variety: Red Bourbon

Treatment: Washed

Roast Level : Light roast for filter

Roasts & ships from our Geneva roastery on Tuesdays

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